Ad Copy That Converts Workbook by Samantha Grant
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Ad Copy That Converts Workbook

Write your best ad ever.
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You're about to write your best ad ever.

Write ad copy that attracts your dream clients, repels the headache clients, and makes people want to know more.

Do you ever feel like...

  • you get totally stuck writing about yourself?
  • it's be impossible to write an ad without straight up bragging?
  • writing advertisements gives you this icky feeling all over because you don't know how to make them sound non-salesy?

Let's change all that. Are you ready to...

  • Dig deep into your "WHY" and learn what makes you stand out from your competitors?!
  • Identify & get into the head of your ideal clients - the ones who will love you and pay your pricing?!
  • Learn how to pull on your ideal clients' heartstrings & make them feel called to book you (or at least learn more!)?!
  • write ad copy (or website copy, emails, welcome packets, etc...) that speak directly to your ideal client in conversational and compelling way?!


Hi, I'm Samantha Grant!

I'm a Facebook Ads Strategist + Coach for photographers and wedding professionals. I'm all about simplified Facebook Ads marketing that lands you dream clients without having to offer discounts or freebies. Join the thousands of other photographers + wedding pros in my Facebook community, Booked Up Photographers + Wedding Pros.

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Samantha Grant

Facebook Ads Coach + Strategist for Photographers and Wedding Professionals.


How long do I have access to the workbook?

Forever! Once you purchase the workbook, you can download, save, and print your workbook whenever you'd like, however many times you'd like.

I'm so bad at writing. Will this even help?!

Yes! I have personally seen so many business owners transform their writing through this workbook. It breaks the writing process down into five simple prompts and at the end - you have an ad! Easy peasy :)